Miriam Moore

Miriam MOORE is my fifth great grand aunt; she is the daughter of my sixth great grandparents; Wyatt and Elizabeth (WORMWOOD) MOORE.[1]  Miriam was born 27 July 1746, in Biddeford, Maine.  She was the fourth of eleven children.  Miriam married Josiah GARLAND 1 July 1767 in Biddeford, Maine.  They had ten children: Benjamin, Thomas, Edward, John, Betsey, Joanna, Hannah, Miriam, Sally, Josiah Jr.  All their children married, giving her and her husband many grandchildren.  Miriam died about 1830.

[1] Ruth Gray, “Maine Families in 1790,” (Picton Press, Camden, Maine, 1988); Joshua Moore, vol. 1, page 208.  Sibyl Noyes, Charles Thornton Libby, Walter Goodwin Davis, “Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire,” (New England Historic and Genealogical Society, Boston, 1928-1939); Wyatt Moore, p. 490.


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