Andrew Wescott

Andrew WESCOTT is my seventh great grandfather.  Andrew was born to Richard and Hannah (HALEY) WESCOTT between 1698 and 1705 in York, Maine.[1]  Andrew had a terrible time with the courts, beginning in 4 October 1726 and ending soon before his believed death, he was set before the court nineteen times; fifteen for debt, two for bastardy, one for ejectment and another as a scire facies [a writ requiring a person to show why a judgment regarding a record or patent should not be enforced or annulled]; two of the debt cases as a plaintiff.[2]  Andrew met Margaret TUCKER before 1726, they had two children:  a son and daughter Hannah.  Andrew filed marriage intentions 19 April 1729 to marry Deborah WEBBER.[3]  Andrew and Deborah had six children:  Josiah, Alice, William, Samuel, Mercy and Anna.  Andrew purchased three acres of land in Cape Neddick, Maine for £28 on July 28 1730; they lived at this residence for close to thirty years before losing the property due to debt.[4]  Andrew is believed to have been at the capture of Louisburg in the King George’s War, he is listed as a hero in some accounts of the events of the capture, but no official records have surfaced.  Andrew’s occupations were often listed as: wheelwright, housewright and house carpenter.  There are no records of Andrew after 12 October 1767, his believed death date.


A note about Deborah WEBBER:

“On 1 April 1718, “Deborah WEBBER Junior” was brought before the court “for having a bastard child.”  She accused Jacob PERKINS of York and Wells (born 1685) [he happens to be my eighth great grandfather through another line] of fathering a son, Joseph PERKINS, born at York on 8 February 1717/18 [my seventh great grand uncle through Jacob PERKINS, and sixth great grand uncle through Deborah].  Jacob PERKINS subsequently denied the accusation, posted a bond of £50 support, paid court fees, and was “acquitted” (possibly dismissed after posting bond).  Deborah’s charge was dispensed with quite differently:  The court ordered that she “receive Ten Stripes on her naked back at the post & pay fees of Court 8s, or pay a fine of 30 shillings and fees…”[5]

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[2] Sullivan, “Andrew and Deborah (Webber) Wescott of Cape Neddick, York, and Penboscot, Maine.”  Maine Department of the Secrectary of State, “Maine Court Records, 1696-1854,” database online,, ( : online 18 September 2013), Andrew Wescott.

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[4] Sullivan, “Andrew and Deborah (Webber) Wescott of Cape Neddick, York, and Penboscot, Maine.”

[5] Ibid.


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