BIRTHS 21 August 1700-1800


  • Jonathan HARTSHORN was born 21 August 1703 in Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts[1]; son of John and Hannah (FRAME) HARTSHORN; husband of Deborah BUCKMAN and Sarah CROSS.
  • John LOWELL was born 21 August 1735 in Newburyport, Essex, Massachusetts[2]; son of Reverend John and Sarah (CHAMPNEY) LOWELL; died 5 May 1736.
  • Samuel JORDAN was born 21 August 1771 in Essex County, Massachusetts[3]; son of Samuel and Lydia (GROVER) JORDAN; husband of Isabella STINCHFIELD.
  • Joshua STROUT was born 21 August 1788 in Durham, Androscoggin, Maine[4]; son of Joshua and Elizabeth (COBB) STROUT; husband of Sarah CRAFT and Rhoda JORDAN.
  • Sarah PARKER was born 21 August 1794 in Limerick, York, Maine[5]; daughter of Abraham Chase and Mary (MITCHELL) PARKER; wife of Israel BOOTHBY.
  • Dorcas EDGECOMB was born 21 August 1798[6]; daughter of Robert and Elizabeth (SCAMMON) EDGECOM; wife of Jacob Daron EATON.
  • William PETERSON was born 21 August 1800 in Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts[7]; son of William and Deborah (HALL) PETERSON; died 10 October 1817.

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