I’m a happy mom, a long time wife, and a perpetual student, I’m a born and bred southern California girl, I truly love sunny winters.  I’ve been excitedly studying and practicing the profession of genealogy for more than 30 years, I truly believe I have the subject figured out, now if the records would cooperate I’d have the family all accounted and evaluated.  I keep shaking the family tree and some interesting people fall out, the stories from their lives are extremely interesting.

I’m half Danish, and half mutt, mainly English and Scandinavian, I have been working on the mutt side of the family, well hey, it is the easiest to figure out, I dabble in Scandinavian records, but by no means have that area mastered; I have some intriguing family lines to research, beginning with Smith, every genealogist’s favorite variety of name.  I have Hiller, Hopkins and Hirsch, along with Young, Butler and Stevenson; I also have Jordan, Jellison and Wescott; I’ve traced my Jordan family line back many, many generations, and have gathered some very interesting knowledge of New England history along the way.

Of the thousands of family that I have touched upon I have a few favorites, and those are the stories I hope to tell in this blog and by no means will these be complete profiles of the family member I highlight, just a fragment of their lives that I’ve found through my research.  I welcome any and all helpful comments, and comments that will make me rethink the members I have highlighted are also welcome.  So sit back with a can of Diet Coke and enjoy the stories.

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  1. I just want to send you some greetings from Tärna, Sweden! Just found your page and want to tell you that on Sunday 30, I’m going to tell a part of your family history at the old farmstead in Löt, Tärna! I’m a member of an local group which is working with documentation of the local history. I would be very happy if you have some photos to share with me!

    My e-mail is: lindberg.a@telia.com

    Best wishes,
    Anders Lindberg
    Tärna, Sweden

    • mjalc51

      I know of only one photograph from my great grandfather Albert Hallström (Hiller) Johahansson son of Johan Petter Johansson and Carolina Hallström. It showed the family outside of their home, and a short story on the back of the photograph. I do not know who owns the photograph, I might have a xerox copy of it somewhere, but not not the original. I’m excited that the story will be told. I have to thank the husförhör records for what I do know of the family. I still have much to learn of the family. Whatever you have to share I’d love to hear it. please email me at mjabajian@gmail.com with a copy of the story you tell my aunt and mother would love to read it, the last two granddaughters of Albert and his wife Belle Hopkins, ages 89 and 91.

  2. Hi cousin (Dominicus is my 6th gr grandfather)
    “a fiend of the Indian’s in times of peace”… Shouldn’t that be “friend”?
    William Wires (WikiTree-44)

    • mjalc51

      Thank you for the great eyes that found something that I have totally missed for 7 years. Glad to find another cousin out there.

  3. Bruce Jordan

    I’m a great-great, etc. grandson of James (1757) and Jerusha Parsons. I noted on your page titled:
    “BIRTHS 17 October 1700-1800”
    you state that James was “…husband of Elizabeth MCKENNEY AND Jerusha PARSONS.”
    I haven’t found such a reference to both McKenney and Parson, as wives of James anywhere else. I hope you can help me with additional information specifying that status.
    Thank you and thank you for doing these pages.
    Bruce Jordan
    Decorah Iowa

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