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Gender: masculine

Usage: Biblical, Biblical Hebrew

Pronounced: el-KAYN-Ə

Meaning and History:  means “God has purchased” in Hebrew.  In the Old Testament this is the name of the father of Samuel. Exodus 6:24; 1 Samuel 1:1; 1 Corinthians 6:25-26, 9:16, 12:6, 15:23; 2 Corinthians 28:7

Related names: Elkan (Hebrew)

Feminine form: Elke

Famous Elkanah’s

Elkanah Settle (1648-1724) English poet and playwright

Elkanah Billings (1820-1876) Canada’s first paleontologist

Elkanah Watson (1758-1842) American writer, agriculturalist and canal promoter

Elkanah Angwenyi (1983) Kenyan 1500m runner

Elkanah Armitage (1794-1876) British industrialist and Liberal politician

Elkanah Greer (1825-1877) American cotton planter and general

Elkanah Young (1804-1876) Nova Scotia merchant and politician

Elkanah Onyeali (died 2008) Nigerian footballer

Elkanah Tisdale (1768-1835) American engraver and cartoonist

Elkanah Kelsey Dare (1782-1826) American hymn composer


Elkanah’s related to me

Elkanah Dyer (1759-1820) private in Captain Joshua Jordan’s Company-Revolutionary War

Elkanah S. Smith (1803-1868) of Maine and Massachusetts

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William Jellison

William JELLISON is my first cousin six times removed; we are related through his grandparents Benjamin and Agnes (PATTEN) JELLISON.  William is one of fourteen children born to Major John and Elizabeth Tarbox (MILLIKEN) JELLISON on 5 September 1792 in Ellsworth, Maine.  William married Julia Ann TISDALE 12 May 1721.  William and Julia had ten children:  Charles William, Edward Augustus, Caroline Leonard, Mellon, George Burbank, Zachariah, Webster, Julia Tisdale, John Dean, and Seth Tisdale.   William was enumerated with his wife and children in the 1850 and 1860 censuses in Dedham and Ellsworth, Maine respectively.[1]   William died 23 July 1866 and is interred at Woodbine Cemetery in Ellsworth.


Due the commonness of his name, I cannot pinpoint him in most records (I have in my records over twelve with the same name living in the same general area).  The 1800 through 1840 censuses do not list other family members, thus making it hard to determine the correct person.  I will keep looking for more information on him.  I am hoping when searching for more information on one of his siblings that I will find more information on him in that way.  Stay tuned for more to come.

[1] 1850 U.S. census, Hancock County, Maine, population schedule, Dedham, 413 (stamped), dwelling 68, family 71, William Jellison; NARA microfilm publication M432, 255.  1860 U.S. census, Hancock County, Maine, population schedule, Ellsworth, page 7, dwelling 53, family 53, William Jellison; NARA microfilm publication M653, 438.

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